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What type of payments do Tony Danos Lawyers accept?

Tony Danos Lawyers accept the following types of payment options:

  • Direct payment to Tony Danos Lawyers trust account – In VIC solicitors/lawyers are required by Section 255 of the Legal Profession Act (VIC) to hold such monies as "trust money" and to distribute this money as directed by the person on whose behalf the monies are being held.  
  • It is standard practice for solicitors/lawyers to request a deposit that is put into trust – We ask for upfront payment usually of an amount equal to our fees for the initial work plus any upfront expenses (if there are any).  
  • Your payment will be put into our general trust account and managed according to the requirements of clause 88 of the Legal Profession Regulation (VIC), i.e. Tony Danos Lawyers are not paid our professional fees until that work is completed and billed to your satisfaction.  
  • Payments can also be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), cheque or cash. 
  • We do not currently accept payment by credit card – however the Tony Danos Lawyers website will accept credit card payments via (Master Card and Visa) in the very near future.  

If you have any questions regarding Tony Danos Lawyers payment arrangements Contact Us.

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