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What is a Criminal Law Specialist

A Criminal Law Specialist is a lawyer who is accredited as a specialist and recognised as having an enhanced skill level, as well as substantial involvement in established legal specialty areas. The Law Institute of Victoria requires such specialists to demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and proficiency in a particular area of law to ensure that recognition as an accredited specialist is meaningful and reliable..

As a Criminal Law Specialist since 1997, Tony Danos has expert knowledge and extensive experience in all areas of Criminal Law and, as a Criminal Law Specialist, Tony can help you achieve the very best possible outcome.

An Accredited Criminal Law Specialist must satisfy the following requirements as per the Law Institute of Victoria including:

  • The performance standard benchmark for competent practice in Criminal Law which forms the basis for the Accreditation.
  • The core areas of mandatory knowledge including Criminal Law Procedures, Protocol, Evidence, Research, Presentation Skills and Argument Skills.
  • Assessment Criteria including a mock hearing in which applicants are required to undertake and be tested to demonstrate their advocacy ability.
  • To learn more Download the Criminal Law Accredited Specialist Assessment Requirements (12 page PDF) 192kb.

Tony Danos Lawyers represent clients charged with all Criminal Offences in all courts. Most clients appear in the Magistrates Court, however, Tony Danos Lawyers also handle cases in the County and Supreme Courts.

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