Tony Danos Lawyers

The Lawyer You Choose Makes a Big Difference!

Principles and Values

Our Principles

All law firms seek to serve clients effectively. Some do it better than others. The difference between Tony Danos Lawyers and other law firms is that our goal is to provide a high quality and cost effective legal service to all our clients, and we believe that our clients’ appreciation is the best speaker of our success. In order to achieve our principles we have built an organisation that mirrows our values.

Our Values

At the core of Tony Danos Lawyers business principles are our three primary values that provide a solid foundation for our approach in all aspects of what is achieved for our clients:

  • Working together to deliver a professional service
  • Respecting people with different cultures or ethnic origin
  • Helping our clients achieve a great result.

Our Mission

When things go wrong and you find yourself needing a lawyer, Tony Danos Lawyers are on your side. Tony Danos Lawyers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their specialised area of law and we are dedicated and committed to helping you achieve the very best possible outcome.